Hier erfährt Ihr Tipps und Tricks und auch das nötige Grundwissen um eine eigene Webseite zu basteln.....
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[html]<a href="" title="Das Forum von und für Profis aus der Sexarbeit. Diskussion, Hilfestellung und Information zum Thema Prostitution"><img src="images/links/web_logo88a.gif" border="0" /></a>[/html]

Den Code ohne die html in eckigen Klammern am Anfang und am Ende des Codes auf der eigenen Seite einfügen ergibt den klickbaren Button


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Designer gesucht


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Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP), is seeking a website and logo designer
to help with rebranding, and building our Internet presence.

SWOP is a 501c(3) non profit organization dedicated to the fundamental human rights of Sex Workers, and their communities. We are managed by an elected board of currently 4, and advised by a national network of 35 people representing 11 chapters nationally. For more information about SWOP, visit our website at

Logo design:
Currently we have a few different things we use as logos, but have no one consistent logo.
Completion is 1 Vector based logo in electronic format, useful for Web and Print in various sizes, both color and black and white.


Target audience is Sex Workers, and organizations and allies wanting to support Sex Workers.

Design, but not implementation (implementation is an extra, and not required).

Specifically we want help in integration of the following things into the design.
* Individual Swop Chapters
* December 17th website
* March 3rd website

Completion is 1 html file with CSS and standards compliant that is viewable on multiple web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) Alternate, less desirable option: PSD photoshop or other image file of a finished design, that can be converted into a Drupal Theme.

Extra bonus option:
Implementation delivered as a Drupal Theme.

We will honor submissions for just logo design, or just website design. If you are a part of the Sex Worker community, or an ally, please also mention that!

Please submit proposals by Friday the 16th of January.

Further questions and submissions please email: admin at, or call 877-776-2004 x 3.