Länderberichte U.S.A.:

Hier findet Ihr "europaweite" Links, Beiträge und Infos - Sexarbeit betreffend. Die Themen sind weitgehend nach Ländern aufgeteilt.
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Länderberichte U.S.A.:


Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

U.S.A.: Weltgrößter Paysexmarkt trotz Prostitutionsverbot?



http://prostitution.procon.org/view.res ... urceID=119

http://www.scapa-lv.org/legal_know_your ... scorts.htm


Sexworker Links

Sex Workers' Outreach Project:
www.swop-usa.org =
(Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP) is a 501c(3) non profit organization dedicated to the fundamental human rights of Sex Workers, and their communities. We are managed by an elected board of currently 4, and advised by a national network of 35 people representing 11 chapters nationally.)

Best Practice Policy Project:

Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network, San Francisco:

Prostitutes' Education Network, San Francisco:

STD-Klinik von und für Sexworker, San Francisco:

Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco:

Sex Workers Projekt, New York:

Different Avenues, Washington DC:

Desiree Alliance, Nevada:

Sin City Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas:

Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, California:

Sin City Alternative Professionals' Association, Las Vegas:

Global: Network of Sex Work Projects:

STORM, Sex Trade Opportunities for Risk Minimization:

Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive , Washington:

Bordellbetreiber Verband Nevada:

The National Blacklist:

Commercial Sex Information Service (Kanada):


www.escortSupport.com eingestellt

$pread Magazine


Nevada is often pointed to as an example of legalised prostitution. In fact, this is only true in part. Of Nevada’s 16 counties, the establishment of brothels is legal in only 11. Of these, only eight - half the total - actually have functioning brothels.

"how to sex work leagal" // Legal arbeiten in Nevada counties:
http://veganvixen1.wordpress.com/2011/1 ... othels-qa/

Dominant among the remainder, where brothels are illegal, is Clark County. This includes the far better known gambling city of Las Vegas.
Richterin Susan Himel hat geschrieben:Nevada
Länderbericht aus dem Urteil
Bedford v. Canada, 2010 ONSC 4264

[209] Since 1971, licensed brothels have been permitted throughout the state of Nevada, except in Las Vegas, while procuring and forced prostitution are illegal. A more recent law requires condom use in prostitution and the regular testing of prostitutes for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

[210] No government report was submitted reviewing Nevada’s experiences with legal indoor prostitution. However, a study by Barbara Brents and Kathryn Hausbeck of the University of Nevada entitled: “Violence and Legalized Brothel Prostitution in Nevada: Examining Safety, Risk and Prostitution Policy” (2005) 20 Journal of Interpersonal Violence 270, was filed as an exhibit to the affidavits of Drs. Lowman and Weitzer. Furthermore, Dr. Melissa Farley’s 2006 study, Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada, published as a book (San Francisco: Prostitution Research & Education, 2007), was filed on this application.

[211] According to Barbara Brents and Kathryn Hausbeck, a number of safety measures are in place in licensed Nevada brothels in order to protect prostitutes from customer violence. For example:

a) Prices are negotiated up front while management listens in over an intercom;

b) Cash is taken up front and brought to a manager, providing the prostitute with an opportunity to communicate any reservations she may have about the client;

c) Panic buttons are available in every room to call management or set off an alarm if pressed;

d) The brothel setting prevents clients from leaving very quickly and removes client anonymity; and

e) After payment and before the sexual encounter, prostitutes perform a visual scan for sores or other indications of sexually transmitted infections; if there are issues, the money is returned and the client is asked to leave.

[212] Dr. Farley suggested that the intercom system is in place to prevent prostitutes from denying a share of their earnings to their pimp. Dr. Farley also suggested that panic buttons may not be enough to prevent violence which can occur very quickly. At p. 21, Dr. Farley commented upon the conclusions of Brents and Hausbeck:

In another study, women were asked if they felt safe in legal prostitution and many responded affirmatively. Usually, however, women mean safe in comparison to other prostitution. Thus the concept of safety is relative, given that prostitution is associated with a high likelihood of violence. One woman described a near-lethal assault by a john in a brothel where he cornered and choked her, fracturing her larynx. She stated that she would probably be dead if another woman hadn't heard the scuffle and broken into her room.

[213] While Brents and Hausbeck cited numerous problems with brothel prostitution in the state, with respect to the issue of violence, the study found that only two and a half per cent of prostitutes surveyed had experienced violence while working lawfully indoors and 84 per cent of licensed prostitutes agreed that their job was safe. The authors concluded at p. 293 that, “Legal brothels generally offer a safer working environment than their illegal counterparts.”

http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/20 ... c270411916

Aktuelle News:


Wg. Menschenhandelsverdacht Massagesalons geschlossen

17 massage parlors closed by task force
Undercover drive by the city against human trafficking

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Urteil: Quietsch- gelbes Hühnerkostüm oder 30 Tage Haft


Beitrag von Zwerg »

Urteil: Quietsch- gelbes Hühnerkostüm oder 30 Tage Haft

Ein amerikanischer Richter, der für seine außergewöhnlichen Bestrafungen bekannt ist, hat sich nun eine neue Erziehungsmethode für Straftäter, die versucht haben die Dienstleistung von Prostituierten in Anspruch zu nehmen, ausgedacht.

So verurteilte der berüchtigte Richter aus der Stadt Painesville im US-Bundesstaat Ohio drei Männer im Alter zwischen 29 und 40 Jahren dazu, entweder 30 Tag Haft abzusitzen, oder sich drei Stunden lang in einem peinlichen, quietsch- gelben Hühnerkostüm mit der Aufschrift „No Chicken Farm in Painesville“ vor das Gerichtsgebäude zu stellen.

Die Aufschrift wirbt gegen eine „Hühner Farm“ in der Stadt Painesville. Damit ist aber keineswegs die Geflügelzucht gemeint, sondern die Einrichtung eines Freudenhauses. In der Stadt Painesville leben rund 17000 Bürger.

Tatsächlich gibt es bereits ein bekanntes Bordell mit dem Namen „World Famous Chicken Farm“. Dieses befindet sich in Nevada. Dort ist Prostitution legal.

Der berüchtigte Richter namens Cicconetti lässt sich oftmals besondere Aufgaben für seine Angeklagten einfallen. So verurteilte er ein Paar, das eine Jesus-Statue gestohlen hatte, sich als Maria und Josef zu verkleiden und mit einem Esel durch die Stadt zu spazieren.

DCRS Online

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Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

Alternativ gibt es in den US auch die Sanktionsmittel: Internet-Pranger oder sog. John Schools.

Dann aber bitte zu einer John-School, die von der Hurenbewegung geleitet wird:



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U.S. anti-prostitution rule is hurting HIV fight


Beitrag von JayR »

U.S. anti-prostitution rule is hurting HIV fight

BALTIMORE, July 24 (UPI) -- A new study suggests the United States is hurting the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus with its anti-prostitution rule.

In order to receive U.S. funding for HIV prevention or control projects, recipient organizations must take a pledge that explicitly condemns prostitution. However, researchers have determined such condemnation is not effective at helping to control the global HIV epidemic.

Nicole Franck Masenior and Chris Beyrer of Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health reviewed scientific evidence on strategies that effectively reduce rates of HIV among sex workers.

The researchers found substantial evidence suggesting the empowerment, organization, and unionization of sex workers can be an effective HIV prevention strategy.

"While sex work may be exploitative," they wrote, "and is illegal in many jurisdictions, sex worker advocates and HIV prevention program leaders generally concur that sex workers themselves need services, protection, peer outreach, and support from health professionals to reduce their risk of HIV infection."

http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/index.p ... v-rule.xml

The study is available at
http://medicine.plosjournals.org/perlse ... ed.0040207

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Historisches: Berühmte Bordelle


Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

Bestseller: Prostitution in Chicago


Geschichte des world-famous Everleigh Club brothel that operated from 1900 to 1911 on Chicago's Near South Side.

In der 3. größten Metropole, daß evt. berühmteste Bordell der U.S.A..

Wo die Berühmtheiten der Zeit wie auch ein Preussen Prinz Heinrich verkehrt haben sollen.


Ausführliche Buchrezension
"The 'White Slavery' Panic
Anti-prostitution activists have been equating sex work with slavery for over a century.":

Und noch ein berühmtes Bordell

Im Zentrum der Macht um 1860.


Mary Ann Hall's Heigh-Class Brothel and Prostitution in Washington during the Civil War


Escortservice-Politik-Skandal 2007

Escortservice-Politik-Skandal 2008
(Everleigh Club VIP)

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Las Vegas: Sin City?


Beitrag von JayR »

Sin und City erinnert mich an einen Artikel, den ich neulich über die Sin City Las Vegas las.

Las Vegas: Sin City?

Las Vegas -- Sin City -- a city full of vice and pleasures, a haven for sexual frolic and freedom. Living in Vegas is living in the midst of carefree hedonism. Las Vegas is kindred spirit city to Sodom by the Bay, aka San Francisco.

If you believe this image of Vegas, you might as well invest in a mirage of an oasis floating in the desert sky. They're each attractive, enticing and very much not real.

To be fair, there seem to be two Las Vegases. One is the glitter, glitz and hard sell of the "Strip." It's America's publicly sanctioned red-light district, promoted by marketers and immortalized in movies and crime shows. The other Las Vegas, rapidly growing in size and political influence, is street after street of quiet homes with water-drenched lawns and two car garages, occupied by conservatives, the Christian right and Mormons.

Der ganze Artikel in Diva’s Debauchery

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Reportage mit Augenzwinkern


Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

und noch ein Bodell...

Bordellführung per Videoclip

mit dem humorigen Moderator Vic Cohen durch das
world famous Chicken Ranch brothel
in Pahrump near Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Das Bordell steht zum Verkauf für 6.9 Mio $
und Debbie Rivenburgh (Manager und ex-Biologielehrerin)
führt durchs Haus mit über 100 jähriger Geschichte
und 17 Arbeitsräumen:


Google-Video (5 Min)
(Videoclipmeisterwerk !!)

Ein Haus mit fast 130 jähriger Geschichte in der Illegalität. Dennoch angesehen z.B. vom amerikanischen Präsidenten Lyndon B. Johnson. Mit einem Namen, der nicht pejorativ für die Dienstleisterinnen sei, sondern vom damaligen Tauschhandel/bargeldlosen Zahlungsverkehr her stamme (barter trade mit Hühnern der Farmer). Ein Haus, wie eine Institution, für das sogar Musicals Werbung machen:
Film: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (imdb)
DVD: Amazon



Landkarte (maps.google)

Diskussion sexworker-only (Gratis anmelden auf der Portalseite)

Heidi Fleiss' Stud Farm (newsweek) (Hengste für weibliche Kundinnen only)

Männerstrich als Kunst auf der Dokumenta, Kassel

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Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

Bericht zur Sexworker-Konferenz
aus der Washington Post
beschreibt die Situation in den U.S.A. recht gut

Dies war das Programm:
www.desireealliance.org/conference/schedule1.htm | www.desireeAlliance.org

Vegas Sex Workers Demand Rights, Respect

LAS VEGAS -- Strippers and hookers are trying to get some respect in Sin City. The so-called sex workers demonstrated yesterday on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. They're calling for more legal protection and decriminalization of the world's oldest profession.

Starchild, a 36-year-old former Army Reservist stood amid rallying sex workers in Las Vegas on Thursday and boasted of his bid for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

"And that ballot is going to say 'escort/exotic dancer,'" he said, beaming.

Protesting prostitutes, strippers and men and women of the night said they came to the downtown courthouse steps to try enable others like Starchild _ active advocates for sex workers. The group called for more respect and stronger legal protections for legal and illegal workers in the sex industry. They complained that a series of new antihuman trafficking laws restrict their freedom and called for the decriminalization of the world's oldest profession.

"No one here would say prostitution is good for everyone," said Elizabeth Nanas, 33, a former prostitute and sex worker advocate who organized the rally to cap off a three-day conference. "We're saying the attention and money should be spent on areas where there are problems."

Organizers said the conference, sponsored by the Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA, was the largest meeting of academics, advocates and prostitutes in nearly 10 years. On the agenda were discussions on police brutality, online organizing and a lecture about journalism for sex workers.

"Overall, the biggest issue was looking at criminalization policies and asking, are they doing anything to stop prostitution? Are they protecting and empowering women? Are they making our communities safer?" said Kate Hausbeck, a University of Nevada, Las Vegas sociology professor and advocate. "Are they improving the health, safety and well-being of prostitutes?"

The group met in a state in which 10 rural counties allow prostitution in 28 operating brothels.

But the nation's only legal bordellos aren't a model for advocates, said Priscilla Alexander, a 67-year-old activist with COYOTE, a sex workers' rights organization. Nevada brothels often hire women to work for just weeks at a time, require prostitutes to live on the premises and mandate costly STD tests too frequently, she said.

"Most sex workers don't want to work in those restrictive conditions," she said.

Alexander said sex workers' claims of rape and violence too often are ignored by police, and some departments use scant evidence, like carrying condoms, as cause for arrests.

But she said one of the most pressing threats to sex workers were antihuman trafficking laws passed on the federal and state level that can be interpreted as applying to strippers, dancers and escorts.

"Most human trafficking is not about sex work, it's about construction," Alexander said.

Federal officials say 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked to the United States a year; about 75 percent of federal prosecutions have involved sex trafficking.

"We just want the government off our backs," said Starchild, adding he used the conference to link up with other sex workers interested in restoring the "spirituality and dignity" the profession enjoyed in Elizabethan England.

"We're like courtesans," he said.

Hausbeck acknowledged that the political climate may not be ripe for a mass decriminalization movement.

But she and other advocates won the sympathy of 76-year-old Mary Ellen Hopkins, a quilting expert who held a seminar in the conference room next to the sex workers' meeting.

Hopkins said she and the quilters at first laughed at their neighbors and then listened to their arguments. She ended up outside the courthouse addressing reporters in front of a banner reading, "Support your local sex worker."

"I think it's better to legalize it," she said. "If you legalize it, maybe you'll get rid of all the ugly stuff that comes with it."


On the Net: Sex Worker Outreach Project

The Associated Press
Friday, July 14, 2006; 7:32 AM
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 45_pf.html

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Re: Konferenznachlese


Beitrag von Zwerg »

Marc of Frankfurt hat geschrieben:"No one here would say prostitution is good for everyone," said Elizabeth Nanas, 33, a former prostitute and sex worker advocate who organized the rally to cap off a three-day conference. "We're saying the attention and money should be spent on areas where there are problems."

"Most human trafficking is not about sex work, it's about construction," Alexander said.

Hopkins said she and the quilters at first laughed at their neighbors and then listened to their arguments. She ended up outside the courthouse addressing reporters in front of a banner reading, "Support your local sex worker."

"I think it's better to legalize it," she said. "If you legalize it, maybe you'll get rid of all the ugly stuff that comes with it."
Es gibt Postings, die ich ganz besonders mag. Das Posting von Marc ist so Eines! Die Zitate kann man nur unterschreiben!


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As Prostitutes Turn to Craigslist, Law Takes Notice


Beitrag von JayR »

In den USA, wo kommerzieller Sex in den meisten Staaten verboten ist, gibt es ständig Berichte in den Medien über verhaftete Sexworker und Kunden. Hier ist ein guter Bericht darüber, wie SW kostenlose Annoncen im Portal www.Craigslist.org (> services >erotic) benutzen und wie das auch zu ihrem und der Kunden Verhängnis werden kann. Die Polizei benutzt die Craigslist, um SW aufzuspüren und Kunden in eine Falle zu locken.

New York Times
As Prostitutes Turn to Craigslist, Law Takes Notice

link nytimes.com

Marc of Frankfurt
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SW Analyst
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Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

Sexworker Starchild ist es z.B. so ergangen:


Auch Rechtliches sollte bei der Online-Werbung beachtet werden.

In Leeds, UK ist gerade ein Fall, wo ein Girl aus ihrem Arbeitsappartment gekündigt wurde, weil jemand sie, ihre Tätigkeit und die Wohnungsnutzung, d.h. ihr Gesicht auf ihrer Escortpage erkannt hat...

Soweit zu den Risiken von Werbung im Sexbiz.
Die Finanz-, Sozial- und Ausländerämter sind sicher auch hierzulande im Internet unterwegs.

US anti-trafficking community:

Bradley Myles
Executive Director & CEO
Polaris Project

Carol Smolenski
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Kaffie McCullough
Campaign Director
A Future. Not A Past.

Lee Rope-Batker
President & Chief Executive Officer
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota

Vednita Carter
Executive Director & Founder
Breaking Free

Andrea Powell
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Norma Ramos, Esq.
Executive Director
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Laura J. Lederer
Global Centurion

Kevin Bales
President & Co-founder
Free the Slaves

Rachel Lloyd
Founder & Executive Director
Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS)

Maria A. Trujillo
Executive Director
Houston Rescue & Restore Coalition

Malika Saada Saar
Executive Director & Founder
The Rebecca Project for Human Rights

Eliza Reock
Executive Director
Harold & Kayrita Anderson Family Foundation

Linda Smith (U.S. Congress 1994-98)
Founder & President
Shared Hope International

Jennifer & Peter Buffett
NoVo Foundation

Lisa L. Thompson
Liaison for the Abolition of Sexual Trafficking
The Salvation Army – National Headquarters,USA

Suzanne Koepplinger
Executive Director
Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC)

Sonia Ossorio
Executive Director
National Organization for Women, New York City Chapter (NOW-NYC)

Amb. Mark P. Lagon
International Relations Chair
Georgetown University MSFS Program

Tina Frundt
Executive Director & Founder
Courtney’s House

Michele Garnett McKenzie
Director of Advocacy
The Advocates for Human Rights

Rachel Durchslag
Executive Director
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE)

Marisa Ugarte
Executive Director
Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC)

William Livermore
Executive Director
Somaly Mam Foundation

Lisa Goldblatt Grace
Program Director
My Life, My Choice

Frank Massolini
The Salvation Army

Laura Penny
Executive Director
Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

Matthew R. Dorozenski
The Barnaba Institute

Debi M. Harris
Chief Executive Officer
Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade

Carol B. Penick
Executive Director
Women’s Fund of Mississippi

Dorchen A. Leidholdt
Director, Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services
Sanctuary for Families

Elaine Maly
Executive Director
Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee
Central Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition

Cassondra Johnson Blackbird
Executive Director
Sexual Assault Program of Beltrami, Cass & Hubbard Counties

Chris Newlin
Executive Director
National Children’s Advocacy Center

Heather Arnet
Chief Executive Officer
Women & Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania

Donna M. Hughes
Professor & Carlson Endowed Chair
Women’s Studies Program
University of Rhode Island

Sharon Simpson-Joseph
Executive Director
Juvenile Justice Fund

Marissa Castellanos
Human Trafficking Project Manager
Catholic Charities of Louisville

Michelle Miller
Executive Director
Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity (REED)

Ronna L. Bright
Project Coordinator
Central Valley Against Human Trafficking & Central Valley Freedom Coalition
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-V ... 0666124392

Tania DoCarmo
Director & Vice President
Chab Dai USA

Helen Sworn
Director & Founder
Chab Dai Coalition

Kristy Childs
Executive Director & Founder
Veronica’s Voice

Mark & Keisha Hoerner
Ethical Living, Inc.

Sara K. Gould
President & CEO
Ms. Foundation for Women

Diana Mao
NOMI Network

Melanie Shapiro
Citizens Against Trafficking

Mary Frances Bowley
Wellspring Living, Inc.

Jennifer Mitchell
Site Manager – Chicago
The Salvation Army

Anne Lee
President & CEO
Darkness to Light

Daria Mueller
Policy Specialist
Prostitution Alternatives Round Table (PART) of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Glenda L. McClendon
Office Manager
PACE Center for Girls, Inc.

Barbara Mosacchio
Chief Executive Officer
Atlanta Women’s Foundation

Gordon Heller
Chair, Steering Committee
Dayton Southeast Weed & Seed Project

Dr. Daniel Bercu
Doctors at War on Trafficking in Persons

Colette Bercu
Free for Life International

Carol Arthur
Executive Director
Domestic Abuse Project

Marcia Coné
Executive Director
Women’s Fund of Rhode Island

Kara Fagan
The Women’s Fund of Great Chattanooga

Nicola Goren
Washington Area Women’s Foundation

Charlotte Boatwright
Chattanooga Domestic Violence Coalition

Emily Fitchpatrick
Founder & President
On Eagles Wings Ministries & The Hope House

Pam Strickland
Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now

Victor Veith
National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC)

Madeliene H. Dobbins
Director & Chief Administrative Officer
Delta Research & Educational Foundation

Deborah Sigmund
Founder & Director
Innocents at Risk

Benjamin Nolot
Exodus Cry

Sidney Ford
Director & Founder
You Are Never Alone (YANA)

Jeff Bauer
Director Public Policy & Civic Engagement
The Family Partnership

Anna Rodriguez
Executive Director & Founder
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Melissa Gifford
Executive Director & DVTF Team
Four Points, Inc.

Kathryn Xian
Non-Executive Director & Founder
Girl Fest Hawaii

Stephanie Davis
Executive Director
Georgia Women for Change, Inc.

Stacia Freeman
Executive Director
The Home Foundation

Erik Voss
Executive Director
The International Center of Atlanta

Sandra J. Robinson
Program Coordinator
Western Kentucky Refugee Mutual Assistance
The International Center of Bowling & Owensboro

Danelle Ragoonanan-Storph
Project Rescue & Assist New Americans
International Institute of Connecticut, Inc.

Kathy Maskell
US Prevention Advisor
End Internet Trafficking Coalition

Marie Morin
Eastern Regional Director
Long Island Task Force
The Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition

Donna Dunn
Executive Director
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)

Cyndi Cook
Executive Director
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

Claudia Barlow
Chair of the Board

Jeannette Pai-Espinosa
The National Crittenton Foundation

Veronica Lamb
Outreach Director
Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery

Sandra L. Hollett
Chief Executive Officer
Partnership for Families, Children & Adults

Dianne Post
Phoenix Women Take Back the Night

Kristyn Komarnicki
PRISM Magazine
Evangelicals for Social Action

Candice Harshner
Executive Director
Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)

Donna Sabella
Project Phoenix

Trisha Smouse
Anti-Human Trafficking Program Manager
The Salvation Army of Central Ohio

Amy L. Hartman
Diaconal Minister & National Director
Cherish Our Children

Kathie Logan
Program Manager
Sexual Assault Center of NWGA
8th Day Center for Justice

Cordelia Anderson
Sexual Health & Responsibility Program (SHARP)
www.nehc.med.navy.mil/Healthy_Living/Se ... _main.aspx

Renee Morrison
Chairman & Founder
In My Backyard Foundation

Gregory Marx
In My Backyard Foundation

Adeyemi Oshodi
Director of Anti-Trafficking Programs
World Hope International (WHI)

Ann Buwulda
Jubilee Campaign USA

Serena Connelly
Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
Holy Union Sisters
Central Dallas Ministries

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Beitrag von JayR »

Ich möchte gerne noch mit einem Link zum Hintergrund der Craigslist ergänzen.

Having observed people (on the Net, the WELL, and Usenet) helping one another in a friendly, social and trusting community way, and feeling a bit isolated as a relative newcomer to San Francisco, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark decided to create something similar for local events.


Es ist doch an der Zeit, Sexdienstleister als ganz normale Mitglieder der Gesellschaft zu behandeln.
Und es ist schön, dass es hier im Forum möglich ist sich gegenseitig zu helfen in a friendly, social and trusting community way.

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Working It On Craigslist


Beitrag von JayR »

Hier ist der Bericht eines normalen College-girls, das die Craigslist benutzt um Sex zu verkaufen.

Working It On Craigslist
http://www.jossip.com/qa/working-it-on- ... -20070905/

Die Dame hat auch einen Blog
Confessions of a College Callgirl

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Beitrag von Marc of Frankfurt »

Schmähartikel über die Craigs-List (Kinderpornographie-Verdacht):
http://angelsmagazine.blog.de/2007/09/0 ... _2~2937077

Marc of Frankfurt
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SW Analyst
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SW gegen die Abolutionistin Prof. Melissa Farley


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Sex Workers Challenge Manipulative Research

Outraged by the latest 'research' targeting them, sex workers organize to
challenge the unsubstantiated (and federally funded) claims by an 'academic
run amok.' The sex workers of Desiree Alliance - www.DesireeAlliance.org -
organize an online press conference to challenge a recent self-published
diatribe by anti-porn, anti-prostitution zealot, Melissa Farley, about
prostitution in Nevada, targeting Nevada's legal prostitution industry and
claiming that legal commercial adult sex promotes human trafficking

In conjunction with the sex worker blogsite, www.BoundNotGagged.com , sex
industry workers, including prostitutes, escorts, exotic dancers and
pornography performers are holding a virtual press conference on Monday,
September 17th, 5pm PST.

"Something like this, a self-published effort, would be of little concern
except for the moralists' lust. It's constructed as a tool to limit sex
workers' options in the name of saving them," says Robyn Few, founder of
www.SWOP-USA.org - a member organization of Desiree.

"For decades prostitutes' rights advocates have advocated for
decriminalization and have been quite vocal about the limitations of the
legal rubric on Nevada," says Ginger, a former escort. "But at least you're
safe, safe from the cops and from the threat of arrest. Farley feigns [heuchelt]
concern for our safety but she only accepts us if we are victimized.
Basically she's one of the victimizers."

"We've heard claims about Farley's deceptive [betrügerisch] 'research' methods from allies
around the world, so we expected as much from her report, but now that she's
federally funded, we thought it might be time to discuss our research on her
research," says Carol Leigh, director of BAYSWAN, Bay Area Sex Worker
Advocacy Network in San Francisco www.bayswan.org .

"Women's experiences working in the sex industry are far more complex and
varied than Melissa Farley's research or Bob Herbert's column suggest," says
Lynn Comella, assistant professor in Women's Studies at University of Nevada - www.UNLV.edu . "If you start
with the premise that prostitution is inherently harmful and dangerous to
women, it is not difficult to find examples to support this premise, and to
ignore those examples that do not."

Crystal Jackson, graduate student and researcher on sex work at UNLV, and
Desiree Alliance member, agrees that this issue is far more complex than the
publicity surrounding it allows. "Women have many different reasons for
entering the industry. It is important to hear all voices of those involved.
By only focusing on the research funded by the U.S. Administration, and
ignoring other research, you are automatically taking a biased view. The
anti-prostitution oath required in order to receive federal funding
predetermines the conclusions of any research undertaken by agencies that
receive that federal funding, and thus, diverse voices are not heard."

The virtual press conference will give media outlets an opportunity to
access people who actually work in the adult industry, to hear first-hand
accounts of the real experiences that people working in the sex industry
have. "Farley is just one example of researchers who use flawed research
methods to misrepresent and discredit women working in the sex industry
said Linda Gomez, online escort and sex industry researcher, "Sex workers
have no avenues for recourse or public arenas to debate this

" www.BoundNotGagged.com was developed by the Desiree Alliance as an on-line
resource for sex workers to respond publicly to distorted facts presented by
people such as Farley," says Stacey Swimme, a member of the Desiree
Alliance. "We had to create a safe space for sex workers to speak for
themselves without fear of legal retaliation. They are the real experts on
the sex industry, but criminal laws and social ostracism keep their voices
muted." Initially created in early 2007 in response to the Deborah Jeane
Palfrey "DC Madam" scandals
that rocked Washington, DC, the site has evolved
into a space where politically--savvy sex workers go to comment on current
events that affect their work. BoundNotGagged.com will continue to grow as
a resource for journalists who wish to interview and quote people working in
the sex industry. In-person and telephone interviews can be arranged by
contacting Sue Lewis at the number above.

The Desiree Alliance - www.DesireeAlliance.org - is a coalition of sex workers, advocates and academic
allies who work to promote civil, labor and human rights for people working
in the sex industry.

Sex Workers: Prostitutes, Escorts, Exotic Dancers, Porn Performers and

Virtual Press Conference on federally funded 'research' targeting
Nevada's Legal Sex Industry

Monday, September 17, 2007 5pm PST


To challenge misinformation spread by Farley and the Nevada Coalition
Against Trafficking

Querverweis Medienarbeit für Sexworker
Leserbrief als Mittel des Protests:

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Urteil bewikt Gesetzänderung: Bordell-Werbung erlaubt


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Jetzt sind Werbe-Anzeigen für SW in Las Vegas erlaubt

Selling Sex Now Permitted in Vegas Papers

By Mark Fitzgerald

Published: October 22, 2007 3:00 PM ET

NEW YORK - Newspaper ads generate traffic. Just ask Bobbi Davis, owner of Nevada's Shady Lady Ranch and a plaintiff [Kläger] in a lawsuit that overturned a state law forbidding bordellos from advertising in Las Vegas media.

"It's doing good, it really is," she says about her new advertising. "A lot of people are calling, and a few people have even come on out."

That's saying something, because the brothel is located 150 miles from the Strip in a town named ... nothing. "Actually, we don't live in any town, we're in the middle of the desert," she adds.

Shady Lady's ads now run twice a week in the Daily Visitor Guide, which is wrapped around copies of the Las Vegas Review-Journal sold only on the Strip and the rest of the Resort Corridor. She also advertises in CityLife, an alt-weekly published by the R-J's parent, Stephens Media Group.

R-J Publisher and Stephens Media Group President Sherman Frederick points out that the bordello ad is not running in the daily newspaper itself, or in copies that go to subscribers or single-copy readers outside the tourist territory. "Obviously any publisher is going to look at a brothel ad and be a little concerned about, 'Is this something we want in the paper?'" he says.

But Frederick is proud that Stephens Media's CityLife joined with Davis, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the weekly High Desert Advocate in West Wendover in the federal lawsuit to overturn state statutes that prohibited brothels from advertising in the two Nevada counties, including Vegas' Clark County, where prostitution is illegal. He compared the 1979 laws to a statute overturned about a decade ago that had prohibited casinos from advertising their gambling services.

Shady Lady owner Davis said the law even prohibited advertising in the R-J for housekeepers and bartenders. She points out that her ad is far more staid than the ubiquitous strip club ads in Las Vegas media. It doesn't mention prices, which range from 20 minutes of "basic service" for $100 to "couples parties starting at $700 an hour."

Instead, it shows a couple in Victorian-style dress about to kiss -- and the notice that prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.

That's a sore point with Davis: "If you ask 100 people in Vegas about prostitution, 95 will probably tell you it's legal."

http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp ... 1003661475

Bordell-homepage des Klageführers:


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Prostitutionsverbot sicherte Polizeiarbeit


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Eingabe von Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, Bezirksbürgermeister in San Francisco


McGoldrick also wants ...

The supervisor also called on the board to make prostitution a
low-priority crime in San Francisco
, arguing that the incidence of human trafficking, exploitation of prostitutes and exploitation of minors "approaches zero in cultures where sex work is approved."

He asked the city's budget analyst to prepare a report to the board on how much money the city is spending to enforce prostitution laws.


http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... 3TG0D8.DTL

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gegr. wg. Prostitution


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Menschenhandelsgesetz schickt jetzt auch FBI-Agenten auf Zuhältersuche

Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Would Send FBI Agents on Trail of Pimps

By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 29, 2007; Page A05

Local vice police officers, who for decades have led the law-enforcement crackdown on prostitution, could soon have unwilling partners: FBI agents.

The Justice Department is fighting legislation that would expand federal law to cover prostitution cases, saying that the move would divert agents from human trafficking crimes. Although local police still would handle the vast majority of cases, Justice officials said the law's passage would force them to bring cases in federal courts as well.

Some anti-trafficking activists and members of Congress say the federal government should be involved in policing prostitution. Prostitution is a social evil, they say, and increased law enforcement can only help the campaign against it.

"It's mind-boggling that the Justice Department would be fighting" the bill, said Dorchen Leidholdt, a founding board member of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, an activist group pushing the change. "They have the power to pick and choose the cases they want to prosecute. They don't have to prosecute local pimps if they don't want to."

The new provision is part of a bill reauthorizing the federal human trafficking statute, which passed Congress in 2000 and helped trigger a worldwide fight against what many consider modern-day slavery. The House Foreign Affairs Committee this month approved the legislation, which has bipartisan support and is expected to be taken up by the full House next week. Its prospects in the Senate are unclear.

The battle against trafficking is a major priority for the Bush administration, which is attacking it with 10 federal agencies reporting to a Cabinet-level task force chaired by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. But there has been heated debate, even among the dozens of organizations fighting trafficking in the United States, over whether prostitutes should be considered trafficking victims.

Federal officials define trafficking as holding someone in a workplace through force, fraud or coercion, elements that are required to prove a trafficking case under federal law, other than in cases involving minors. Trafficking generally takes two forms, forced sex or labor. But some activists argue that all prostitutes, even those not forced to turn tricks, should be defined as trafficking victims and their pimps subject to federal prosecution.

The debate over the bill comes amid broader questions over how many victims are trafficked into the United States. The government estimated in 1999 that about 50,000 slaves were arriving in the country every year. That estimate was revised downward in 2004 to 14,500 to 17,500 a year. Yet since 2000, and despite 42 Justice Department task forces and more than $150 million in federal dollars to find them, about 1,400 people have been certified as human trafficking victims in this country, a tiny fraction of the original estimates.

The House legislation cites the government's current estimate of up to 17,500 victims a year, but the Justice Department, in a Nov. 9 letter to congressional leaders, "questions the reliability" of the numbers. "Such findings, without a full body of evidence, are counter-productive," the letter says.

The letter also expresses opposition to the provision that Justice officials said would expand federal jurisdiction to cover prostitution offenses, which the department calls unnecessary and "a diversion from Federal law enforcement's core anti-trafficking mission." A senior Justice official, who was not authorized to speak for the record, reiterated the department's opposition yesterday.

"Prostitution is abhorrent, but state and local law enforcement officials already do an excellent job fighting it," he said.

Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) said yesterday that she strongly supports the bill. "We want to crack down on sex trafficking, and DOJ can allocate its resources to go after the most serious cases," she said.

But Jack McDevitt, an associate dean in Northeastern University's College of Criminal Justice, who has studied local law enforcement's response to trafficking, said the Justice Department's concerns are warranted.

"Cases in local prostitution and pimping are better handled by local law enforcement, which have the contacts in the community and are going to find more intelligence about these crimes," he said. "Every major police department in the United States has had a vice unit for the past 50 years."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... eheadlines

Zur neueren US-Geschichte der Anti-Menschenhandelspolitik
und zugrundeliegende fragwürdige Statistiken:

Sexworker Kommentare:
Dave in Phoenix von www.sexwork.com

Maxine Dogan in Montana
http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/1 ... 464927.php


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Prostitutionsdisput im Theatersaal


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Streit zwischen AntiTrafficing-Theaterdarstellern (Prostitutionsgegnern) und Sexworker-Aktivisten an der Universität Berkely, Californien

Anti Prostitution Group Commits Violence On Sex Worker At UC Berkeley Performance

by Maxine Doogan SW Aktivist
Sunday Nov 11th, 2007 10:29 PM

“My Real Name” was a One New Earth Production performance by Students and Artist Fighting to End Human Slavery.

Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Ethics Studies and promoted by the SAGE Project violent scene after violent scene was played out against streetbased prostitutes. This play actually turned out to be a propaganda piece conflating incest, rape, domestic violence, economic disparity, homelessness, drug addiction with the occupation of prostitution by depicting graphic sexually violent images and reenactments.

An altercation [Zank] involving Maxine Doogan of the Erotic Service Providers Union www.espu-ca.org , followed a performance sponsored by U C Berkeley Ethic Department at UC Berkeley Worth Ryder Gallery on Nov. 9th 2007 which resulted in the U C Berkeley Police issuing a 7 day stay away order to Ms Doogan, Lisa Roelillg one other companion.

The producer had stated that this performance was meant to be interactive and invited audience members to interact with the people depicting the violence during the performance. It was unclear if the people relating the violence were actors or the actual people who had experienced the violence originally. The producer also said a discussion about trafficking in the sex industry would follow the performance.

Many people walked out before the end as did Doogan, who returned at the conclusion expecting to find a discussion under way but instead found her comrade, Lisa Roellig, a former streetbased worker surrounded by anti prostitution activist, like researcher Melissa Farley, who recently called for the closing of the legal brothels in Nevada.

Roellig, an ex-streetbased worker and Doogan attempted to converse with the producer about her relationship to the issues raised in the performance. The producer responded by yelled and waved her arms saying she didn’t believe in the comodification of women and that no discussion was going to take place. However a loud discussion ensued between all parties with the producer stating that Doogan ‘sucked the dicks of corporate America’ and was ‘a white and privileged’. Another anti prostitutionist, also a former streetbased worker, stated that all prostitutes are dogs, and used physical intimidation to push Doogan out the door while evoking the name of blood of Jesus Christ. Doogan responded by leaving the building and calling the anti prostitution group “poverty pimps”. Annie Fukushima, U C Berkeley Doctorial Candidate, threatened to call the cops and Doogan encouraged her to do so.

Doogan, Roellig and the third person made statements to the police that Doogan had been physically assaulted. UC Berkeley Campus Officer Sanchez only wanted to know if the women who called the police were women of color. All three women were issued 7 day stay away orders.

Said Roellig, “While they were privileged enough to call in the cops because two women show up to question their view of our lives, I was not ever privileged enough to call the cops when I was raped, assaulted or robbed on the street because I was a criminalized worker. These women are outspoken on their abolitionists views and are advocates of the continuation of the States oppressive laws that control our bodies, our economies and most important make us easy targets for police abuse and corruption”

Please call, write or email the Berkeley Police Department and tell them to receive the report of battery on Maxine Doogan. And the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Department because it failed in its commitment to be understanding of the deep multiple meanings of racial diversity in the Americas in the area of prostitution when they sponsored the performance and facilitated racial violence against sex industry workers.

http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/1 ... 460264.php


Das Theaterstück - ein gutgemeintes Machwerk?


A Play Presenting the Voices of the Underground

Champaign, Candy, X-Tasy, Pleasure are just some of the adopted street names that go into creating the persona of trafficked prostitutes who have built their lives on creating a exploitive fantasy. Who are these people? Where are they from? How did they get to the streets? What were their real names before they had to create the multiple personalities that make it more bearable to get into the cars of strangers? More importantly, who are they outside the imprisoned definitions of a hooker. We all have facades that oppress us and stop us from digging to our essence. The heavier the burden of oppression, the deeper we have to dig to free our essence. Few know this better than children, women and men who have been sexually pimped by the greed and indifference of the streets.

People of all walks of life often feel they are labeled/named by others. Rarely are we allowed to label/name who we are. This reality is doubly felt by those who are oppressed by a series of unfortunate circumstances. The goal is to place a human face in front and not behind the solutions.

My Real Name is a play that raises the voices of those who have been muted by the world microphone. With a strong belief in rehabilitative art, My Real Name consists of stories of trafficked prostitutes who are willing to share their experiences with the help of dramatic flashback scenes of their lives. The performances are done by using a mixture of actual survivors and trained actors.


The goal of My Real Name is to help community organizations raise funds to help prostitutes and trafficked persons. One New Earth partners up with various grass root organizations in different cities that are identified as concentrating their efforts in working with sexually exploited women and children from the streets.

Activism & Arts

Humanity is created from the rib of creativity, thus it makes perfect sense to inspire activism through the beautiful lenses of various artistic endeavors. One New Earth believes that the essence of high humanity is the ability to see the human canvass on one plane of existence. Having a specific trained talent is less important than the ability to creatively see humanity as united, with each strand possessing something worth contributing to our evolution. My Real Name is a glimpse into the realization of our ability to create oppression, which is only trumped by our potential to create the foundation for true emancipation.

Promoting Action

Trafficking is the 3rd largest criminal activity in the world with sex trade being its most profitable sub-category. Victims are often exploited through the jagged avenues of prostitution and pornography. Upon hearing about the magnitude of sex trafficking, people oftentimes feel helpless in their reach to do something. Through the avenue of art, the audience is allowed to be part of the solution by simply being there and helping magnify the world microphone so that the brave voices that resonate from the stage can be heard. Furthermore, dialogue is stirred that outs this underground crime from the closet of darkness, thus promoting activism from and by the community.



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On-line Prostituiertenverfolgung via Craigs-List in Columbia

Mid-Columbia news: 3 Tri-City women arrested in online classified prostitution bust

Published Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Three Tri-City women contacted through their online classified ads went to a Kennewick hotel likely expecting to provide massages and sexual activities for a fee.

What they didn't expect was their "John" would turn out to be an undercover Kennewick police detective and that they'd be walking into a prostitution bust.

Detectives conducted the prostitution sting Thursday after receiving complaints about the postings in the erotic services section of Craigslist.com, a classified ads website.

Rebecca D. Bunten, 21, and Marion N. Aragon, 29, both of Kennewick, and Gina L. Lund, 32, of Pasco, were arrested after they arrived at the hotel room and detectives negotiated a deal for a sex act, Sgt. Scott Child said. The women were contacted individually and arrived at the hotel separately.

They were arrested on suspicion of prostitution, a misdemeanor, and operating without a business license. Lund and Bunten also face possible charges for possessing drugs, police said.

This is the first sting detectives have conducted from the online postings.

"One of the reasons we look into these allegations is that along with this activity comes ... other criminal activities," Child said.

Drugs, burglary and theft often are associated with prostitution, he said. It's also risky for the women, who walk into a stranger's hotel room and don't know what's waiting for them.

Several dozen ads offering a variety of erotic services can be found on Craigslist -- and that's just in the section where women are offering services to men.

Detectives scanned the ads and contacted several of the women, but were only able to arrange meetings with three because of time constraints, Detective Rick Runge said.

"The girls think that because they don't have intercourse it's not prostitution, but the definition is any sexual contact," Runge said. "They may not have been having intercourse, but they're sexually gratifying the customer."

In one of the women's ads, she offered a "sensual body rub by a sexy fashion model" for $150 an hour. Her ad said she'd provide a massage while "you drift off and let go of the tensions of the day."

Another woman posted a provocative photo of herself, along with rates of $170 for 30 minutes and $120 for a 15-minute show.

"One of the three girls insisted she was nothing more than a massage therapist," Runge said. "We asked where she went to school and she said she didn't."

One woman said she made $1,000 in a day, the detective said. She said she got addicted to the money and can't find a legitimate job that pays that well, he said.

"Our goal is to just stop it. ... Like we told them, every time you go to a call, you won't know if it's a police officer," Runge said. "We may just do a reversal and start getting customers."

http://www.tri-cityherald.com/tch/local ... 6571c.html